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Outlaw Country Sampler - No Depression
Outlaw Country Sampler - No Depression

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Beat Devils - Second Date
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Beat Devils - Second Date

'Get the Beat and Meet the Devils' was their first release in Russia, and in 2006 it was produced by TCY-Records for Europe, Japan, USA etc. under 'Wild Rockin' Mama'. The Beat Devils got a big name in the whole rockin' scene - the guys were rockin' around with other great bands like the Space Cadets, Quakes, Demented Are Go, Red Elvises and many more...

Now the band changed their style - they began with Neo Rockabilly and are playing now Punkabilly - for sure a very interesting release! Just buy it, just do it :) Talented guys with a wild heart for rockin' music. :)


1. Tonight

2. Let’s Go On

3. Racing Hard

4. Evil Spirits

5. Take Me Home Tonight

6. Queen Of Luxury

7. All Cowboys Go To Hell

8. Strange Kind Of Love

9. Girl That Makes Me Sigh

10. (Hope I’m Not) Misunderstood

11. She’s On Fire

12. Red Sun

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