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Abbie Marie - Don't Treat My Like A Child
Abbie Marie - Don't Treat My Like A Child

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Black Jetts - Right On Sound
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Black Jetts - Right On Sound


And finally THE JETTS rip into 'Right On Sound.' Way more groove oriented than any track on 'Bleed Me', this tune finds the JETTS plowing head first into an early MC5 practice and giving Rob Tyner, Dennis Thompson and Wayne Kramer a run for their money. A mighty powerful riff n roll freak out, complete with bells, shakers and a smattering of lucid, cacophonous sound effects briging 'Right On Sound' to a close.

Also, as a little bonus we decided to tag on an enhanced video for 'All Sexed Up'. 'All Sexed Up' has always been a unifying crowd favorite live and the vid features a plethora of slim and large ass shakin hotties, twistin' and shimmyin’ to this oftly requested JETTS song. Shot in true ((((Shake-O-Vision)))) with 50's era boob tube graininess, it's a nice litte additive to the disc.

For fans of: Digger And The Pussycats, Saints, Mystery Girls, Paybacks, Radio Birdman, Carbonas, Rolling Stones, Reigning Sound, Radio Reelers, Electric Frankenstein, Supersuckers, Sons of Cyrus etc.

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