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Startseite » TCY » The Wild Angels - 50th Anniversary EP - Limited Edition - Gold Vinyl 7"
The Wild Angels - 50th Anniversary EP - Limited Edition - Gold Vinyl 7"
Artikelnr.: tcy-031-V
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The Wild Angels - 50th Anniversary EP - Limited Edition - Gold Vinyl 7"

The Wild Angels - 50th Anniversary EP - Limited Edition - Gold Vinyl 7"

TCY-Records is proud to present this 'golden' EP on Vinyl! For the gorgerous 50th Anniversary of the Wild Angels!

Bob Burgos: It all started way back in the summer of 1967 (nearly fifty years ago) at an old roadside cafe in Biggin Hill on the outskirts of South London that was known as a bad boys cafe that became one of the most famous haunts of them all for Rockers & Teddy Boys in Britain back in the day,... The one and only notorious Nightingale Cafe. It was there that one of the very first Rock ‘n’ Roll bands in Britain was formed,...The now legendary Wild Angels, a name that founder member Mitch Mitchell came up with when the film 'Wild Angels' was released that was later banned by censors in the UK.

The band not only played their first gig at the Nightingale Cafe, they also went down a storm and became residents after attracting an incredibly large following of hard core Rock 'n' Roll fans on the strength of all their performances. Some of the best and most memorable times were on the bank holiday bike runs when bikers from all over London and the south east would gather at the Nightingale prior to riding to coastal towns (usually Margate, Folkestone or Brighton) when the Mods and Rockers era was at full swing after having first rocked their socks off to the Angels beat!

The Wild Angels had truly arrived in a big way and were soon being booked all over the South London area where they all lived, and in 1968 several agencies and promoters started to contact the band because of their popularity, and being one of the very few Rock 'n' Roll bands that were playing in Britain at that time, were soon booked to work with the legendary Bill Haley & The Comets, and in 1969 were selected to be Gene Vincent's backing band on a British tour. By now the Wild Angels were keeping to a hectic schedule of live gigs both in Britain and Europe with many records being released, and in 1973 succeeded in reaching the No.1 spot in the Swedish charts with a single entitled 'I Fought The Law' on the Decca label. The band's material and stage act was and always has been based on the golden era of Rock 'n' Roll from the late fifties, and to remind us all of how things were, how things are and how things always will be,...Real Rock ‘n’ Roll carries on doing what it has always done, which is ignoring current, fashionable trends and simply concentrating on making the best dance music ever heard,... And the Wild Angels do just that!!

It’s now nearly five decades of dedication, and the band are still at the top of their chosen profession and lifstyle to match that still include two of the original Nightingale Rockers; namely Mitch Mitchell & Wild Bob Burgos, alongside Ace Rockers; Rob Davies and Freddie ‘Babyface’ Pirotta.This band has proved over and over again that the appeal of music by artists like,...Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Gene Vincent, Little Richard and many more still lives on, not only with those who witnessed the meteoric rise of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but also with a new generation who want to see and hear this music in it’s more realistic aspect.

Today the Wild Angels have a legendary status that still surrounds their current reputation because their names are known, respected and admired from the Nightingale Cafe, South London, to the Welsh Valleys, from Southend to Land’s End, from Brighton to Scotland, from France to Finland, from Italy to Sweden or, from Spain to Germany. In fact, every member of the Wild Angels has valuable experience. They are all seasoned Rock ‘n’ Roll musicians who have each mastered their instrument, and have always worked with spirit, style and skill that has seen them become one of the biggest musical inspirations in the UK and European Rock ‘n’ Roll scene from the late 1960’s. This is why the Wild Angels are still recognised as being one of Europe’s top Rock ‘n’ Roll outfits, who’s combined musical pedigree is unmatchable, but more importantly, who capture the ‘True Spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ simply through their passion and dedication to their music,...A fact only too obvious to those who’ve been lucky enough to catch them live.

These guys have been one of the most entertaining and exciting British Rock ‘n’ Roll outfits that came out of the Sixties era, and to this day,...The Wild Angels have continued ‘Flying High’ and have never stopped flying the flag for Rock ‘n’ Roll for nearly fifty years,...(Once A Rocker – Always A Rocker) !!

(Genuine Rock ‘n’ Roll music as it was,...From a Genuine Rock ‘n’ Roll band,...As it always should be) !!

Side A: 1. Caff On The Hill, 2. All For One - One For All

Side B: 1. Wring Kinda' Woman, 2. Boogie Woogie

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